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Composing Software (Series) by Eric Elliott

This is a collection of medium articles so that I can go back to the reference whenever I need to read more from the depth.

  1. Composing Software: An Introduction

  2. The Rise and Fall and Rise of Functional Programming

  3. Why Learn Functional Programming in JavaScript?

  4. A Functional Programmer’s Introduction to JavaScript

  5. Higher Order Functions

  6. Reduce (Composing Software)

  7. Functors & Categories

  8. Functional Mixins

  9. JavaScript Factory Functions with ES6+

  10. Why Composition is Harder with Classes

  11. Composable Datatypes with Functions

  12. JavaScript Monads Made Simple

  13. Mocking is a Code Smell

  14. The Hidden Treasures of Object Composition

  15. Nested Ternaries are Great

I would like to thank Eric Elliott who has been continuously spreading voice to the JavaScript community for a very long time. He has an agenda to remove homelessness from the earth using JavaScript as a tool.

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